Demon Slayer Ranks in Order: Every rank explained and sorted

The Demon Slayer Corps is the main organization that fights Demons. The Demon Slayer Corps has been around since ancient time and is dedicated to protecting humanity from demons. The organization is home to hundreds of Demon Slayers, though they are not officially recognized as such by the government. Like all organizations, the Demon Slayer Corps is structured in a hierarchical manner. We will now explain the hierarchy and ranks of the Demon Slayer Corps to you.

Demon Slayer Corps ranks arranged

There are ten ranks for members of the Demon Slayer Corps. These ranks, which range in rank from lowest to highest (left side to right), are:

Mizunoto. Mizunoe. Kanoto. Kanoe. Tsuchinoto. Tsuchinoe. Hinoto. Hinoe. Kinoto. Hinoe.

Once a Demon Slayer settles into the organization, they will be assigned the lowest rank: Mizunoto. They must complete various missions in order to climb the ranks and eventually reach the highest rank: Kinoe. Through a process known as “Wisteria Floral Engraving”, each Corps member has their rank inscribed on the palm of their hand after the Final Selection. As they advance as Corps members, they will be able to check their rank by speaking a password or flexing their arms in order to reveal their status.

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These ranks’ nature has not been fully revealed. It seems that the goal was to establish a system and not to give it deeper, symbolic meanings. The names of the five ranks were taken from Japanese elements, “mizu”, which represents water, and “ka” which represents gold or metal. “Tsuchi” is for earth and fire. “Ki” is for wood. These are the same terms used to describe the Japanese days of week, although they have different meanings.

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Tsuguko and Hashira

There is an elite group known as the Hashira within the Corps. This elite group comprises the nine greatest fighters within the Corps. The Nine Hashira rank second to the Corps’ head due to their exceptional strength. To be eligible to join Hashira, the Demon Slayer must first kill 50 Demons, or kill one of the twelve Demon Moons. These are the most powerful demons in existence, and serve the Demon Lord Muzan Kibutsuji.

The Hashira continue to search for a successor, someone who can take their place if they retire . A Successor (Tsuguko), a highly skilled fighter in Demon Slayer Corps is designated as an apprentice and eventual successor to one of the Hashira. Tsuguko can be made by Demon Slayers in two ways. One can apply and be accepted or one can be scouted to the position by one of the current Hashira.

A Tsuguko usually uses the same Breathing style as its Hashira. However, this is not a mandatory requirement. The Tsuguko is determined to replace Hashira when and if they are unable to fulfill their duties within the Demon Slayer Corps.

Each Hashira is assigned a specific region it must protect. They are also required to gather information on demons and train to grow stronger. Hashira Training is a unique training session run by the Hashira. It is performed by many lower-ranking demon slayers.

This training is intended to improve the physical and mental abilities of all Slayers. Each Hashira oversees one part of this training program. The training program includes speed, flexibility, strength, speed, endurance, speed, fencing, hammering, and agility training.

The training is intense and exhausting. Many slayers consider the workout an interminable journey to hell. There are some exceptions that see it as a chance for improvement. Pillars are required to participate in training sessions. This is a win/win situation for both Pillars as well as Slayers. Pillars are constantly being attacked by waves of lower-ranked Slayers.

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The Kakushi

The Kakushi make up a brigade with people who work for the Demon Slayer Corps. They are outfitted in black versions of the Demon Slayer standard uniforms, which include a gakuran jacket with hakama trousers and a hakama shirt. To hide their identities, they also wear black headgear and a black-and-white mask. The Kakushi brigade is responsible for a range of tasks. They can provide services to Corps members and clear the battlefield after demon attacks.

The Kakushi can also be found at Butterfly Estate as attendants, helping residents and others who are ill. The Kakushi, demon slayers who are injured and have retired from Corps, can also be called the Kakushi. Some people who didn’t pass the Final Selection exam, but were able to become Kakushi for the Corps’s benefit, are not Kakushi.


The leader of Demon Slayer Corps leads the Demon Slayer Corps. Although not much information is available about this position, it appears to be connected to the Ubuyashiki Family. Subordinates and his peers call him Oyakata, and he is also the head Ubuyashiki Family. Kagaya, the 97 th Corps leader, was his last leader.

Kagaya Ubuyashiki spent every day of life visiting graves of Demon Hunters. He was eventually chained to his bed by illness. Kagaya was just 13 years old when he became the leader for the Demon Slayer Army. Kagaya was only 13 years old when she met Amane. Kagaya chose her specifically to be his wife to care for her medical needs. He only accepted the marriage on condition that she provide her own care.

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